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  • I fractured my wrist on Mother's Day and was given an immediate referral to Dr. Pang. He did a thorough review of my situation with X-rays and said that surgery would not be necessary. He followed me throughout the 6 weeks of my recovery, and always took time to answer my questions. I fully trust hi...

    ~ Miriam B ~

  • Dr. Pang made me feel very comfortable and always explained things in a way I could understand.

    ~ Isabella O ~

  • Our first visit was on July 1, 2020. Dr. Pang explained my options on treating Dupuytren’s contracture of my smallest finger of my left hand. I had my right hand treated five years ago by another physician. He thoroughly addressed my treatment options and why surgery was the best option. He a...

    ~ Patrick F ~

  • Dr. Pang is great and very communicative! He answered all my questions in person, over the phone, and right before surgery without frustration. He also called my transportation personally to let them know the surgery success. My surgery went extremely well, and the recovery was easier than the pain ...

    ~ Pamela W ~

  • Dr. Pang was knowledgeable and explained my options well, best of all the results were excellent. I am able to resume my practice duties including surgery and have started playing golf again.

    ~ Richard F ~

  • Thank goodness Dr Pang has patience, he needed it with me. He answered all my questions.My wrist which was broken and casted in another country! Required specialized surgery upon returning to the US. I have finished my PT and appts, and and now back to my day to day routine. Thank you 😊

    ~ Ginny H ~

  • I’m a rock climber, off-road motorcycle rider, avid video game player and I have a couple decades of high-contact martial arts in my past. I also have ankylosing spondylitis, which means that my immune system tries to digest my joints.

    For the past four years my thumbs have become...

    ~ Peter B ~

  • ~ Shervin B ~

  • Dr.Pang & staff were very professional, courteous, attentive & knowledgeable. Dr. Pang made visit very comfortable-giving me explanation (in layman terms!), options & quick resolve. Treatment was quick and highly effective. Appreciated his ability to make me comfortable and put me at ease.

    ~ Gayle Q ~

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